Hello, I play sniper in Team Fortress 2. I stream more than I upload video so check out my Twitch channel if you're interested.
Competitive Carrickfergus, United Kingdom English language 8y 5m Sniper


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Thu 12 October 2017
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(00:31) (2 weeks ago)
(00:31) (1 month ago)
That definitely should have hit
(00:28) (1 month ago)
Insomia was super fun times
(00:12) (2 months ago)
I still got it
(00:22) (3 months ago)
(00:39) (4 months ago)
im so good at counter strike
(01:55) (5 months ago)
Frag Dump
(00:22) (5 months ago)
"Solly's gonna jump"
(00:50) (5 months ago)
"That was the med?"
(00:20) (6 months ago)
teammates for life