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3 months ago

Tonight version 1.3.2 of was released with the following updates:

  • The providers page has been updated. It provides a better overview and filters to search for server communities.
  • Community server providers now validate their servers based on their hostname, which is much easier and helps less technical people to get their community represented.
  • Community quickplay now scans every 5 minutes instead of 10 (thanks to the Patreons and our mascot Dave).
  • Webpages with gameserver information automatically update if the server scanner has completed a new scan.
  • New overview called map explorer which provides an overview of which maps are currently being played in community servers.
  • Added new news sources, such as OzFortress, TFCLeague, RNG Podcast and the FuckYeah tumblr. Also updated the visual styling of the news.
  • Important news is now directly posted onto Discord and/or Twitter.
  • Cleaned up back-end code and updated all frameworks in preparation of the oncoming YouTuber section.

Team Fortress 2 Update Released TeamFortress Patches
3 months ago

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added UGC Highlander Season 19/Season 20, UGC 6vs6 Season 21/Season 22, and UGC 4vs4 Season 8/Season 9 tournament medals
  • Added Gamers Assembly 2017 tournament medals

Hey /r/tf2 | twitter | tumblr | pantsbook and all the other places you may have seen this message. I’m Agro, and I’m a Pyro. I’m also one of the hosts of this ‘ere TF2 podcast. Along with my other mundane duties I also get to do some fairly mad things I probably wouldn’t normally do if I wasn’t with KritzKast. One such thing was the time I wrote to […]


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4 months ago

There are two types of Heavies in this world; those that have beaten the cheesecake out of their opponents in a boxing ring and those that plan to do it tomorrow. We caught up with two such hardballs, Clayface and The Gentlemann’s Fedora, who have taken hand to face combat into a whole other level by creating the National Heavy Boxing League. A safe place for gentle persons of the […]

4 months ago

Valve have fiddled with the back end, upgrading and updating TF2 to the very latest SDK; 2013. This may seem like nothing to the layman but it means a great deal. For one thing, it broke Source Mod and for another it broke Macs. So there’s that going for it. Altogether it’s a very important step in the development of TF2, to bring it up to date smartly and allow […]

ETF2L Fresh Meat Challenge TeamFortress Blog
4 months ago


Ever wanted to get into competitive TF2? Now's your chance! The European Team Fortress 2 League is running the Fresh Meat Cup sponsored by and

This competition is aimed at new, inexperienced players interested in playing competitive TF2. So if you're fresh meat, sign up before April 6th to compete. Every team can play with an experienced mentor to help them understand meta and play their best! Visit the ETF2L website for more info.

4 months ago

So a few weeks before launch I posted this:

And well, 2 days after launch the map alone already has reached 50.000 views! It's great to see the new website is so popular, but even with the great Patreon support we cannot afford a 500,- a month for the map alone. That's why I've just switched the map to Google Maps version, which might looks a bit different (Ctrl + F5 if it doesn't load directly). Anyway, this has flexible pricing, which is affordable.

Another disaster averted!

After a very busy weekend, I can finally say that this was a very successful launch of the new website. The website stayed online despite huge traffic numbers, and I did not encounter too many problems. Aside from the smooth launch, the Patreon campaign was also a great success, allowing me to start working making the indexer faster and bringing back the yellow pages for TF2.

Because I work on this website in my free time, the progress won't be super fast, but it will probably be steady! In the following month I will focus on the "community server provider" part, reflecting on project beacon and making things a bit easier to manage your servers on the website. I will probably also migrate the website to a dedicated server which will reduce the TF2 game-server scanner interval to a merely 5 minutes!

Will keep you up to date!

Website updatelog:

  • News overview now has pagination. Also added, OzFortress and AsiaFortress to news sources.
  • Removed old white styling, breadcrumbs and about page now in the same style as community quickplay.
  • Removed Workshop gamemode, these gameservers will now be categorized based on their real gamemode.
  • Added various new Quickplay gamemode SFM's thanks to NyanZak and TeamSource.
  • Fixed various bugs for Community Server Providers and their servers.
  • Fixed credits page to show all the fame.

4 months ago

We're proud to announce that the master of imps, @Void has been brought on officially as a staff member here at TF2Maps! Void has been running a ton of tests for us, and has more than proven his dedication to TF2, TF2Maps, and content creation in general. Void has been a long time member of the TF2 community, and has had his hands in all sorts of our history. From the Construction Pack, to Frontline! We look forward to having him be officially part of the team!


New staff! And a promotion!


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New website!
4 months ago

Welcome to the new website! This revamp is done in about two months in my free time. I will probably keep updating bit by bit, so feedback is always welcome. In the last week I've heavily optimised the website's performance to keep the costs down, so some strange quirks might occur.

Some things that might interest you

To create the current quickplay, the website needs information about TF2 gameservers. I've created a multi-threaded python scanner that scans and stores all information it can gather of TF2 gameservers. The second stage is analyzing this gathered data, and processing it for the website (quickplay/worldmap etc.). This processing is only done over non-empty gameservers, because it would take too long and too much performance to analyze all servers every 10 minutes. This set interval of 10 minutes is because of financial decisions I had to take. If funding succeeds, I will run this on a dedicated server which can reduce it to 5 minutes with no problems.

Another interesting thing to know, is the difference between Valve and Community servers in the statistics. Valve servers include both casual and MatchMaking (the Valve kind). The Valve MM is not taken into account in the competitive statistics, because almost no-one uses it and there is no way to clearly distinguish the MM servers from normal casual one's. Community servers are both referred as "community competitive" (because the servers are hosted by TF2 community members) and the community servers most of you know as the big clusterfuck of gamemodes.

SFM commissions

Do you like making SFM posters? We are still looking for commissions to create backdrops for the current quickplay gamemodes! The SFM should be made in such a way that it's obvious which gamemode it represents. The SFM should take into account that there will be text overlapping the image. Contact us via Discord if you want to do a commission.

Team Fortress 2 Update Released TeamFortress Patches
4 months ago

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Internal updates to support future development

One month between updates is kinda a long time but that’s nothing when you’re a wizard, Harry. Speaking of wizards, Lunar Scythe joins us for the podcast this week. Also on the show: Duffy’s IRL Longwave 556pm completes 7 days PC Guia’s ‘5 Best Free-to-play’ Artvader’s TF2 voice lines Rap Battle

4 months ago

We answer all the big questions here on the show, like what is a loris and how do I catch my own? Actually, best not to since that’s probably illegal in most states. They are cute and cuddly and loris probably doesn’t want to be captured and forced to live in a small bucket under the stairs; kept in darkenss for nine months of the year and told to wear […]


Did you know that TF2 is releasing a soundtrack of all its pulse-pounding, brain-exploding, bowel-evacuating songs to kill people to? Well now you do! Ipecac Recordings is releasing our best (and only) soundtrack, complete with 29 songs, new images, and a ton of easter eggs. Preorder the CD and LP today! Or preorder digitally at iTunes and Amazon.