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The goal of is to provide as much information/tools to the TF2 community in a usable way, to gain insights in actual trends, and to ease the integration between different sub communities.
At the moment the website is completely self-funded, and it can sustain this way. However, to improve the actuality of the information and to bring back old functionalities like the 'yellow pages for TF2 Youtubers', it would require additional funding. This funding will be used for the compensation of artists, (partly) server costs and the left-overs will be used for event sponsoring (e.g. the Super Summer Stream or Rally Call). Transparency and Integrity is an important process of this crowdfunding campaign, so each month all financials will be released.

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by artist WaveRobin

Davekillerish, also known as Dave is a very active TF2 community member. He was there since the old teamwork website, and also during the release of the new one. He is very active on his YouTube channel, Twitter account and his own Discord group.

Besides all this, he also aims to help other YouTubers at doing collabs and sharing know-how with his own Discord group called "The Uprising Youtubers Group". Note that this is still in alpha and is being worked on.
Thanks to these supporting YouTubers (tier 2):

I like to think I'm funny.

I am a username on a screen, who likes to play games and ma...

We play and record games for the craic! It's an Irish thing.

I make videos, at least I think I do.

F2P Spy > Runyx TF2.

The Hypest TF2 Channel Around!

My videos are for shits and giggles, also for me to get over...

TF2's community is a winning hand

Thanks to these supporting community providers (tier 2):

104 player(s)
Welcome to the Fire Friendly community! Our goal is to provide pl...

26 player(s)
Red Sun Over Paradise is a Team Fortress 2 community which hosts ...

In collab with TeamSource

A shoutout for the great work TeamSource has provided. The quickplay menu is now a great art piece! If you need SFM artwork (e.g. thumbnails), be sure to check them out at their website.

In collab with NyanZak

NyanZak provided a lot of unique SFM artwork for the quickplay menu. Be sure to check him out on YouTube.